Our mission

MAKASH pioneered the application of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) applications in education, culture and science in Israel. It was established by the Applied Research Unit of the Sapir Academic College of the Negev in the wake of the first large scale community networking project in Israel, with the Bezeq Israel Telecom , in 1989. Today in 2009, MAKASH continue  to have a leading role in introducing innovative technologies in Israel related to the Semantic Web vision; animating learning communities; improving access to learning resources, to cultural content, and promoting the development of open scholarly communities in the Web

Our Mission

MAKASH mission is to contribute to the advancement of Israel society through the application of advanced technologies in education culture and science

MAKASH grew up from an increasing awareness of the opportunities opened by the technologies of computer communications for accessing knowledge, social integration, advancing education, applied research as well as a generic problem solving tool

Educational orientation

Our basic educational orientation emphasizes an active learning approach. Human interaction is seen as a constructive process in which participants engage in a process of creating understandings. Knowledge is activity and development is the process of internalizing and organizing these activity patterns

ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) create functional environments for learning with a shortened feedback circuit. The high degree of interactivity and high speeds of communication with remote places, allow for a minimal delay in obtaining feedback. This results in a sense of participation and intimacy among the participants of such interactions. ICT becomes an ideal ground for applying an active learning approach. MAKASH initiatives and projects express its commitment to this basic philosophy

Digital Culture

A new digital culture environment evolved since MAKASH was established. We seek to facilitate the participation of Israel citizens, scholars, professionals and educators in this new culture. Our initiatives encompass the realization of the Semantic Web vision; participation in Digital Libraries initiatives; the dissemination of international standards in Israel; promotion of young digital creators. Our activities include a particular focus on the incorporation of Jewish cultural content in the new digital civilization